Inner Bloom Yoga – New Class


Thursdays, 1-2pm

No two blossoms are identical, yet they are alike in their beauty as they unfold their petals, opening to the light, reaching for the sun.  Each blossom is unique in constitution, color, shape, essence, and appeal. Yet, in a bouquet they share one common quality, beauty.  Every flower begins as a seed, nourished by water and earth, guided by the light of the sun.  We are all like flowers in nature, with a humble beginning and an ever pervading desire to rise above and unfold to the light.  We are all connected, some of us share the same roots, but we all share the cradle of mother earth and light of father sky.

Join me for an eclectic blend of movement, breath work, and guided meditations inspired by the needs of the students.  Each class is a totally unique experience based on the inner substance, guidance, and wisdom that we unfold through the body, like petals of a flower opening up to the sun.  An intuitive, organic approach to yoga, allowing the poses to unwind, rather than striving to fit the mold of a pose (asana).  This practice will awaken essential life force (prana) in all areas of the body, allowing us to make a deeper connection to the subtle energy within our body and the world around us.   

All levels welcome, playful spirits wanted!


Valerie Baltzer




Valerie Baltzer, E-RYT 500, is now offering classes, workshops, and teacher training in the Jacksonville area. In February, Valerie began teaching at The Gypsy Sun in Surf City, NC on beautiful Topsail Island. Events and Teacher Trainings for Albany are still in the works, but you can revisit this schedule for updates. You will find her current teaching schedule below:

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Welcome to Transcending Yoga!

My intention for this blog is to provide a space for expansion of the mind off the mat. I love the physical benefits of Hatha Yoga, but the philosophy of yoga clearly transcends from the mat into our everyday lives. Here, I wish to share with my community the insights and inspirations that I experience on a day to day basis.

Namaste, Valerie Baltzer, RYT 500